M8 One-Length Package Sets


Ben Sayers’ 12-club M8 Package Sets offer everything you will need to get out on the course and are a perfect set for those golfers who are new to the game or those who want to buy a high-quality set of clubs for a very reasonable price.

All of the M8 woods come fitted with regular flex graphite shafts and the irons are available with either steel or graphite shafts, all of which are designed to increase swing speed and promote a high-launching ball flight. Effective weight distribution in the woods and irons also ensures that the clubs are incredibly forgiving even on off-centre strikes.

  • Our M8 Package Set is now available in a unique one-length option, where all the irons in the set are of the same length to enable golfers to make the same swing with every iron in the bag. This significantly aids consistency and confidence.
  • The One-Length M8 irons are available as part of the full 12-club M8 package set and are also available to purchase as an iron set.
  • The irons in these sets are all the length (37”) and weight (272g) of a standard 7 iron and have the same 63° lie to encourage a consistent setup, swing and strike.
  • The One-Length 12-club M8 Package Set includes the following clubs:
    • 10.5° driver
    • 15° 3-wood
    • 20° 5-wood
    • 23° hybrid
    • Seven One-Length stainless steel irons (5 Iron – SW)
    • Mallet putter
    • Premium stand bag
  • The One-Length M8 Iron Set comes with seven one-length stainless steel irons from 5 iron to SW, which are fitted with regular-flex steel shafts.