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Your Essential Gazebo Buying Guide

Airwave® Gazebos create the perfect outdoor area for al fresco entertaining, offering protection from hot sunshine and unexpected drizzle so that the party can keep going all day long. Not only are they quick and straightforward to set up – thanks to a handy pop up mechanism – they also come in handy for a wide range of events and applications making them a great investment for your garden. We've put together a gazebo guide to make buying a gazebo that little easier!


So, what uses does a gazebo have?

A gazebo makes an amazing centrepiece at garden parties and barbecues; aside from these most popular uses, there are also plenty of other ways to make the most out of this stylish temporary outdoor shelter:

  • Relax – turn your gazebo into a Zen zone for yoga, meditating, reading a book or enjoying general peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the house
  • Unwind – place an inflatable hot tub under your gazebo to create your very own luxury spa area in the garden
  • Lounge – position a freestanding hammock under your gazebo to create a cool and breezy lounging area away from intense sunshine
  • Play – use your gazebo as a play zone or craft area for the little ones, helping them to get out in the fresh air whilst being protected from too much sun exposure
  • Work – create an al fresco office inside your gazebo to make the most of sunny days when you’re working from home
  • Explore – take your gazebo to the local park for a change of scenery and a fun day out, especially as they are easy to collapse and transport

With a wide variety of sizes, colours, and styles available at Garden & Camping, we’re confident that you’ll discover your perfect Airwave gazebo. Before investing in your very own gazebo, however, there are factors that you will need to take into consideration. We’ve put together this handy guide to help you with the decision making process, share important care tips, and ensure that you’re picking the best gazebo for your needs.


Picking your Gazebo

1. Is your gazebo for domestic or commercial use?

The great news is that all of our gazebos are suitable for home/personal use, so it really depends on your preferred canopy of thickness and frame type. All Airwave gazebos are waterproof, regardless of the thickness of their canopies.

Canopy thickness = different feel (more or less luxurious)

Frame type = different levels of robustness

The ever-expanding Airwave gazebo family comprises six different collections:

If you are looking to invest in a gazebo for commercial use – e.g. fairs, fetes, market stalls, business events – then you will need to choose a sturdier and more robust option. We would recommend investing in the Commercial Plus gazebo if you are a commercial customer due to its 300gsm canopy and hex 50mm diameter aluminium frame, simultaneously lightweight and heavy-duty.

2. How much internal room do you need from your gazebo?

Knowing how many people you would like to accommodate within your gazebo will help you to determine the right size. If you prefer more intimate gatherings with just a couple of people, a smaller model such as our 2 x 2m gazebo is a great option. On the other hand, if you’re planning on using your gazebo for bigger events or simply enjoy having a big, airy space, you’ll want to consider a 4.5 x 3m gazebo or a 6m x 3m gazebo.

The great news is that we have plenty of choices to fit all requirements. Current Airwave gazebo size options are:

Picking the right size gazebo will ensure that you and your guests are all comfortable and fully sheltered from the elements. After all, there’s nothing worse than having to leave people out in the rain or dealing with a sardine-effect situation!

3. How much outdoor space do you have for your gazebo?

As impressive as a spacious 3 x 6m gazebo may be, the reality is that some of our larger gazebo options may not fit in your garden or patio. Measure the area where you would like to place your gazebo, ensuring that it occupies a comfortable floor area and doesn’t make navigating your outdoor space difficult.

As we mentioned earlier, smaller Airwave gazebos are more suited to cosier gatherings whilst the larger options are great for marquee style events with a bigger guest list. Ultimately, it’s down to you to decide how much or little of the garden or patio you would like to take up with your gazebo!

To make things a little easier when thinking about both internal and external space, we’ve included some handy floor plans for each of our gazebo sizes:



4. What access areas do you have for your gazebo?

For both the comfort and the safety of you and your guests, it’s important to think about whether you’ll have adequate access areas for your gazebo. A larger gazebo that takes up a significant space in your garden may not be very easy to enter and exit or could block off a fire escape.

A simple way to check if you’re going to have safe and effortless access to your gazebo is to measure out where the sides will sit on your garden and then mark out the centre (i.e. where the doorway will be). Step back and take a good look around to see if there are any potential hazards or objects that could obstruct the entrance. It’s all about taking a common sense approach to your outdoor space and how many people will be using the gazebo.

5. Do you want your gazebo to blend in with or stand out from your outdoor space?

The contemporary design and luxurious feel of our gazebo is just part of why the Airwave range is so popular. Guaranteed to turn heads in your garden or patio, our gazebos come in a generous selection of colours to suit all events and personal styles.

Think about whether you would like your gazebo to really stand out at your event or blend in with the greenery of your garden. Choose between brighter colours to create a fun atmosphere or classic colours to create an elegant, timeless feel to the festivities – either way, your gazebo will certainly make a statement and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Just some of the colours available in the Airwave range include:








6. Will you need help erecting and disassembling your gazebo?

The useful pop up mechanisms on all Airwave gazebos ensure that the assembly process is as smooth and easy as possible. It’s simply a matter of walking out the frame, placing the canopy on top, and then extending the legs.

Keep in mind, however, that a larger gazebo – such as a 4.5 x 3m gazebo or 6m x 3m gazebo – will have a bigger frame and side walls, meaning that you many need additional pairs of hands to assist with putting up and taking down the shelter.

It’s always good to have at least one other person to help you and then bring in others to lend a hand depending on the dimensions of your gazebo. The last thing that you want is to over-exert or strain yourself, particularly if you have limited strength or restricted mobility.


Caring for your Gazebo

Knowing how to properly look after your gazebo will not only keep it looking great for all those special occasions but also ensure that it lasts for many years to come. Below are a few pointers on caring for your gazebo both during and between uses:

1. Stand your gazebo on level ground

Choose an area of flat ground so that your gazebo will stand up straight when erected. A wonky gazebo is much less stable during use and doesn’t look particularly impressive to your guests. If there is a slight difference in ground level you can always adjust your gazebo legs accordingly to compensate for the discrepancy.

2. Store your gazebo in a safe and dry place

Every Airwave gazebo comes with a robust carry bag to ensure safe storage and effortless transportation. Certain ranges even come with wheeled versions to make transit even easier, especially if you are moving a heavy gazebo between events. Take care when taking out or packing away your gazebo, ensuring that you never force down the frame– it should collapse smoothly and then fit comfortably into the storage bag. Between uses, keep your gazebo in its dedicated bag and place in a safe and dry place.

3. Take down your gazebo

A gazebo is a temporary outdoor shelter and therefore isn’t designed to be left up permanently in your garden. Always collapse your gazebo after each use and never leave it unattended or erected overnight. Your gazebo should also be taken down during rougher weather conditions such as heavy winds and rain. Failure to follow this advice could result in damage to your gazebo and would not be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

4. Anchor down your gazebo

It is essential that you make sure that your gazebo is sufficiently anchored to the ground to give the structure rigidity. Use the Guy ropes and pegs that come with the gazebo to tether it down on softer surfaces such as grass. If you are placing your gazebo on a harder surface such as decking – or you simply want even more stability – you’ll want to use accessories such as leg weights which can be easily attached to your gazebo legs to weigh it down.


Styling your Gazebo

Once you’re all set up it’s time for the fun part – personalisation! There are plenty of ways to style and accessorise your gazebo to give it that extra special touch for a particular event or occasion.

Side panels can be drawn back for a curtain-like effect, adding a sophisticated touch to the festivities. Accessories such as netting or shades help to keep pestering insects out. Hanging up bunting helps to create that party atmosphere and bring in the summer vibes.

Adding deckchairs, an ornate bench or a rattan lounge set gives you and your guests a great resting area when they want a break from the celebrations. Pretty globe lights, flowers, and cushions can transform the inside of your gazebo and make it feel even more inviting and relaxing.

Get creative and make your Airwave gazebo feel like your own! Check out our blog post for more ideas on how to decorate a pop up gazebo.